Raspberry Pi 2 Giveaway

Fancy receiving the newest Raspberry Pi 2? We are giving one for FREE! All you need to do is to go on one of our social media channels and: Like our Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter or Add us to your Google+ circles Then create and share your project with us, preferably in our forum in
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Raspberry Pi 2 landed

As many of you noticed our developers produced working build for new Raspberry Pi 2 short time after has been officially released to public. We are proud to inform that we are officially support it. It should be fully functional so lets try it out. You can find it in our download section. For further discussion
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XBian Stable release…

Since XBian project started, we all have been working towards the holly grail, the XBian 1.0 stable release. You may all say that it never arrived. If XBian is like other similar distributions, we have at least four stable releases already, but no, we do not have those as we are different as you know.
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How we make your life easier

Lately we have seen so many of you wondering and whispering, what is going on with XBian, if it is still under development, why there are no updates, no news posts and so on. As usual, we listen very carefully even if we do not response directly and often. We do not post or inform
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Having issues when trying to upgrade?

Is APT reporting a problem when trying to upgrade your installation? Unfortunately, that’s known recent issue with your APT repository. Please check our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. Feel free to use our forum if you’re having difficulties or any further discussion is needed.

Leave Images behind. Install software the way it is supposed to.

My mother used to say: If you can’t decide what to take with you,  for a trip of one month, the take everything. Pack it all into one big bag and live with the consequences.   Since then, I’m used to travelling light. Why take a private pool to the Caribbean when there is plenty
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