Kernel update – LTS 4.9

New LTS kernel (4.9) seems to be stable enough so XBian is now on 4.9.14 which become standard for RPi images. From yesterday 14/03/2017, LTS 4.9 kernel is build to our stable repository and is included in all RPi images. In case you don’t use auto-updates this can be updated on your existing XBian system manualy
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Kodi 17.0 Krypton now as standard in XBian

From today all of our XBian images are build on Kodi 17.0 Krypton. So you can update or you can find it in our Download section. Our staging repository now uses Kodi 17.1 for those who would like to test it. You need to enable this in your settings! Have a lovely weekend people

Kodi 17.0 Final build

Kodi 17.0 final has been released, all packages have been already built and are available for download. For now this is only available from our staging repositories as usual when we do some major updates! So to obtain this latest build you need to enable this in your settings! Our stable images are still built
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Kodi v17.0 “Krypton”

Kodi v17.0 “Krypton” is now available from our staging repositories. So if you feel for you can obtain it by enabling staging repo in your list followed by upgrade. Give it a try and have fun as usual. For those who like it simple and stable our images are based and built on stable Kodi 16.1
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We are recruiting

Ever wanted to be a part of something bigger? Be in between some great people who work together trying to make something special? We are looking for some talented people who like codes, with a knowledge and experience in QT(5) programming, C++ programming and maybe some more? Do you have some free time and would
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Kodi entered into Release Candidate state

As most of you already know Kodi released last Beta and entered into Release Candidate. RC1 packages of Kodi v17 (Krypton) has been already built and are available for download from our devel repository, as usual. Another good news is that our developers also fixed all the minor issues with xbian-config so this should work
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XBian with no SD card?

For all of you who wants to boot your RPi3 (ONLY!) directly from external USB device without sd-card, please read  here. The required firmware package from next branch has been built and added into XBian devel repository so make sure you do an update before you test it! Lets try out and let us know
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Weekly building of Tvheadend package repaired

One good news just before weekend   Our developers repaired weekly building of Tvheadend. XBian provide most recent version of Tvheadend and VDR (version 2.2.0 and 2.3.1) as PVR backend.

New package btrfs-tools 4.8.2 released

New package btrfs-tools 4.8.2 available and has been uploaded into our Development Repository. XBian uses BTRFS with LZ4 compression per default. This requires special (patched) kernel and btrfs-tools. Patches for recent kernels are available here and for btrfs-progs here Please let us know if you encounter any problems

NOOBS installer updated to version 2.0!

We have just updated an modified version of NOOBS 2.0 so it works flawless with XBian. This can be installed from within our XBian installer now. So head over to Download section and check it out

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