Latest updates

Some days ago the TVheadend crew has released final 4.2 version. We are now building the stable version to stable repository, and the development version (4.3) is build to staging repository. Both version are built once a week
And a couple of enhancements are included in the package now, see description of this commit

The binaries are longer part of the package, now the original Debian built binaries or XBian’s backported packages for Jessie are used instead. And, of course, some enhancements has been added to the package, see description of this commit

Debian Stretch
From now on all new images are built with Debian Stretch, updating procedure for already existing Jessie installations will be put online some days later. The latest built images containing Jessie (end of June built) are kept for download, and binaries are still build for Jessie and Stretch (until end of this year), so it’s not very urgent to upgrade to Stretch immediately

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