More latest updates

This is just a quick heads up of latest and upcoming updates.

So from mid of February 2019 XBian images are build with Kodi v18 Leia. It should be noted, that images for i.MX6 (Hummingboard, Cubox-i) still have Kodi 17.6 included, and the reason is because i.MX6 support has been removed from Kodi sources a couple of months ago.

Our next step will be exchanging kernel 4.14 with 4.19. As already noted here at the forum, BTRFS LZ4 compression support has been removed due to run-time issues and conflicting with ZSTD compression, which has been included with kernel 4.14.
The consequence is, that on older installations kernel 4.19 can not be installed without removing LZ4 compression.

Starting of February 21st 2019, latest 4.14 kernel version is built into stable repository and 4.19 version will be built into staging instead of devel repository.

In the future, 4.14 kernels will not be built anymore.

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