Kodi v18 (Leia) test builds

Our developers never sleeps (I think they never do🤔🤭) and now they brings you the latest Kodi v18 Leia.

These latest test builds are available to download for you.

  • How to get it?
    1. You have to enable devel repo
    2. Refresh package list
    3. Install (upgrade) all available packages
  • Some useful hints
    1. Make sure that you have latest xbian-package-config-shell installed
      At least 20180116-0 is required
    2. The helper script script.module.inputstreamhelper needs already loaded loop module
      This is already fixed but probably not available yet for download. So make sure that loop module is loaded before you’re upgrading libwivedine

It should be noted that those test builds are available for Raspberry Pi 0-3 only!

Please follow our dedicated thread in our forum if you have any questions, would like to leave your feedback or discuss further.

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