Couple of latest updates

  • Debian Buster
    Starting the Friday (2019-09-13), all new images are build with Debian Buster. There is WIP for updating procedure for already existing Stretch installations
    The latest built images containing Stretch (start of September builds) are kept for download, and binaries are still build for Stretch and Buster (until end of this year), so it’s not very urgent to upgrade to Buster immediately.
  • Raspberry Pi 4
    To make it clear once again. These images don’t support the Raspberry Pi 4 yet. The kernel and all other routines are already ready for this, but there is no executable Kodi version right now.

    This is our next goal and milestone to create Kodi for Raspberry Pi 4.
    The goal is to create an image that can be used for all Raspberry Pi versions (2, 3 and 4).

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